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#WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday (July 13th 2017)

This week’s #WCW goes to none other than one of the greatest tennis players of all time:


The world tried to get her down here recently, but SURPRISE. It didn’t work. A June 9th 2017 car crash involving Venus Williams and two other people resulting in the death of a 78 year old man found Venus in the crossfires of a legal obstacle with the family of the deceased looking to sue Venus as a result of the death. However, after Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Police reviewed evidence, it was denied that Venus was at fault for the collision.

With the grace you’d expected from a Williams sister, Venus shared her condolences with the family and loved ones of the victim in a very emotional press conference held on July 3rd.

In far more exciting news…┬áVenus Williams is, yet again, at the Wimbledon. This year marks the 20th anniversary of her first appearance in the prestigious (and oldest) tennis championship tournament in the world. While schooling young players who were born in 1997 (the year of her inaugural Wimbledon), Venus has found herself in the semifinals leaving her only two victories away from her sixth Wimbledon singles title. This will be her first singles title since 2008.

To recap the greatness that is Venus Williams, this 6’1″ body goals star athlete currently holds: 5 Wimbledon Grand Slams Singles, 6 Wimbledon Grand Slams Doubles, 4 Australian Grand Slams Doubles, 2 US Open Grand Slams Singles, 2 French Open Grand Slams Singles …….. just to name a few.

You better work #WCW.



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